The Worth Valley Yfc Ducking Stool

Avaliable For Hire

The Worth Valley Yfc Ducking Stool in action
The Worth Valley Yfc ducking stool is avaliable to hire for your event. Often seen at events arround the county the ducking stool is the only one in the area and a fun, entertaining way to raise money at your event. As you can see in the video above the Worth Valley ducking stool is a simple device where someone sits on a seat above a large tub of water then people throw tennis balls at a taget hit the target directly and the person on the seat gets wet! Its brilliant fun and easy to use. The ducking stool is mounted on a trailer which makes it very easy to transport to your event and becaue the trailor is rated at a low weight you do not need a trailor licence to tow it.

  For more info on Ducking Stool Hire or to make a booking please contact Julia Wood on 01535 607117

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