3 Aug 2010 - Worth Valley Sheep on TV this morning
Worth Valley YFC's Shorn Sheep, currentlystaying at Keighley library was repeatedly on the TV this morning on the GMTVlocal news.  The sheep is one stop on the sheep trail which will seepeople try and hunt for sheep in different positions around Keighley.

14 Jul 2010 - Worth Valley Wins Yorkshire Show Stockjudging

Worth Valley Young Farmers Successful at Yorkshire Show

Seven members of WorthValley Young Farmers Club competed in the Young Farmers stock judgingcompetition held at the Great Yorkshire Show. This involved members placing a ring of four animals in their order ofpreference and giving verbal reasoning for their placing to a judge. The club came away with ahandful of prizes, including the converted FABBL rosebowl for the overallwinning club from the 48 within Yorkshire. The club were also placed second in the cattle stock judgingsection.  Individual prize winnersincluded, Junior Lambs - 3rd Ellis Snowden, Senior Pigs - 3rd Eleanor Moore,Senior Beef - 1st Jennifer Moore, winning the Silcock Perpetual Trophy. Other competitors included who helped gain points towards the trophy were Joshua Lawn, Catherine Bishop, Abigail Pell and Rachael Moore.

4 Jul 2010 - Local Food Campaign results in TV appearance and ConferenceCall for Young Farmers

Young Farmers members from Worth Valley YFC are in high demand from themedia as publicity surrounding their project titled ‘Why local food Matters’continues to escalate.  Following their recent five minute appearance onI TV Yorkshire’s Calendar News and double page spread in a local magazine,members of Worth Valley YFC have this month been key note speakers at a Climate Change and Sustainability Conference.  The conference was organised by the Transition Towns which looks at how ‘food secure’ towns are going to be when world oil reserves fall and the price of transportation rises.

Hollie Ogden, Sarah Shires and Club Leader Andrew Wood made a 20 minute presentation at theconference and answered questions from the audience on the ‘Why Local Food Matters’ project they are involved with which is being supported by the South Pennines Leader Programme and the Keighley Area Committee.  This has seenYoung Farmers Clubs from the South Pennines area make efforts to reconnect the urban consumer with the rural producers and organisations which add manufacture, sell and serve localfood. 

The highlight of this project was in May where the members sent out 16,000 free tickets to young people from across the region inviting them to come to the YFC Food and Farming Exhibition wherethey showed the journey that food makes from field to fork.  The event wasa huge success and over 5,000 people young and old saw the exhibition whichincluded livestock, a butchery demonstration, a farm shop and a cookery demonstration.  In preparation for the cookery demonstration members of Worth Valley YFC visited Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food, Bradford to learn a recipe made with only locally produced ingredients.  They then ‘passed it on’ to the crowds at the exhibition and encouraged them to go home and enjoy cooking and eating their own local food.

News of the Young Farmers project spread to ITV fixers, an organisation which follows groups of young people making a difference to an issue they feel passionate about.  They came out to film them so that a DVD of the promotion could be made to be sent to schools and used to educate additional young people.  They were so impressed that they chose the YFC project asone of a handful which were selected to go on the Calendar News programme.

At the Climate Change Conference the 100 delegates were wowed by the amount that the members aged 10 to 26 years had put into the project. Hollie Ogden said, “What we said was received very well by the audience and onedelegate who manages the Airedale Shopping Centre in Keighley wants to play theDVD we are producing in the shopping centre on a large Screen TV.  It isalso hoped that the club’s publicity materials including Daisy Duke the Worth ValleyYFC milkable cow will be placed in an empty shop window.”

Sarah Shires said, “The key messages we tried to get across to thepublic are to support the local produce networks that still exist such as theremaining milk producer retailers and butchers.  More and more local landis being left fallow or used for keeping horses on.  If people just boughta little more local produce this processed would be reversed making the areamore food secure.  

Andrew Wood highlighted the number of people with England Flagson their cars and houses during the World Cup and asked what proportion of these people had the same patriotism when food shopping.  “We’ve got toget across that the benefits of buying local produce are not just environmental but economic and social too.  People should be proud to buy British andproud to buy local and it is education such as that being done by the Young Farmers that will slowly rebuild the local food networks which were once so strong.”

The project now continues with clubs from throughout the South Pennines promoting the message at their local agricultural shows throughout the summer. 

For further information contact Matthew Binns on 07816897386


results with many members qualifying for the next round.

won the Craig Coleman memorial trophy for the 11th? year in a row!!

Done to all and congratulations!  Good luck for the future rounds!!

14 Jun 2010 - WORTH VALLY at the COUNTY RALLY!

 WorthValley YFC held their presence at Yorkshire Federation of YoungFarmers County Rally on Sunday 6th June at Pateley Bridge. 

 Setting the ball rolling; the Junior Rounders team lead the club to Victory on theSaturday WINNING the CCM trophy, as well as competing in the Junior tug of warcompetition.
Sunday brought a mass of white coats and display items.  Pulling together as ateam WVYFC displayed a Club Display to the theme of Yorkshire incorporating Yorkshire tea, cricketing and Yorkshire Dales.  The Display was placed 3rd overall.
Competitiors presented items of baking and handicraft to the judges for their approval andtasting, leading the club to gain 3rd place in the Novelty competition section. 

 Abigail Pell won The Green Trophy for Junior Pony judging!  well done Abigail andgood luck representing Worth Valley, Craven District and Yorkshire A in the Northern Area Round!

 Worth Valley YFC were placed 11th Overall - let's aim to get in the top ten nextyear!


                      The qualifying horse judgers from the District Rally! 

A prize winning flower arangement

5 Jun 2010 - Haworth Show entries are released

Classes for Haworth Show have been released and are available to download on the linkbelow. Although as usual this clashes with Worth Valley's annual charity Pram Push we hope that the younger members will be able to take part and get plenty of entries in.

2 Jun 2010 - Worth Valley YFC turns up on Jamie Oliver's website!

Worth valley YFC have turned up on Jamie Oliver's website following their recent success with their pass it on campaign.Go to for view the piece on our club.

29 Apr 2010 - Worth Valley gear up for Food and Farming exhibition and this
time it is on the TV.


Young Farmers from throughout the South Pennines hold are holding a Local Food and Farming exhibition on 8 and 9 May and have sent out thousands of free tickets to schools in Calderdale to encourage children to come along.  The exhibition which takes place at the Bronte Vintage Gathering on Haworth Road, Cullingworth and will take people on a journey from field to fork to show them where their food comes fromand encourage them to buy local food.
The event largely follows the formatof the 2009 event which proved a huge success and taught hundreds of youngpeople from the Bradford district where the food they eat comes from.  This year the group has widened their free ticket offer to all primary school aged children from throughout Calderdale.  A variety of livestock will be on show andvisitors will be given vegetable plants to grow themselves and be able to milk ‘Daisy Duke’, the Young Farmers own cow.  A butchery demonstration will also be given by the head butcher at Keelham Hall Farm Shop who will also be helping children to make their own Sausages with ‘Mr Sausage’ the mascot.

A cookery demonstration will also be provided by some of the club’s members aspart of the Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food ‘Pass it on’ project.

 This focus of this year’s exhibition will be local food and during the weekend members will be compiling databases of people who produce, sell, serve and want to eat it.  This informationwill be fed into a local food one stop shop web site which will be run by South Pennine Prospects who support the event through their Leader Fund. 

 Chairman of the club’s local food working party Sophie Ogden explained why members of Young Farmers includingthose from Holme Valley YFC and Calderdale YFC clubs are putting on the event.“Even though most of our members are not from farming families they are passionate about educating young people about where their food comes from,especially local food.  Supporting local food networks is hugely important for the local economy, environmentally and for community cohesion and we hope that lots of people come along for a fun and enlightening day out in the countryside.”

The Young Farmers activities over the weekend which also include sheep racing andMascot Mayhem are being filmed for broadcast on ITV Calendar as part of ‘ITVfixers’.  This project champions groups of young people who see an issue which concerns them and get stuck into addressing them.  Sophie Ogden explained how this came about and how the members are very excited about the prospect, most of the groups that get chosen for the ITV fixers project areurban young people and the ITV fixers team were really keen to cover a story about some vibrant young people in the countryside.  We hope it will showthe Young Farmers Clubs throughout Yorkshire in a very positive light and increase membership of our fantastic organization.”

Any clubs interested in attending the event or joining Young Farmers should logonto the  web site and leave an enquiry orcontact Andrew Wood on 01535 640432.

28 Apr 2010 - Oggy, Wooley and Trigger Rule the Waves


 A homemade pedal powered amphibious craft created and skippered by Worth Valley Young Farmers Club Chairman Thomas Ogden arrived in Torquay on 23 April after setting off from Keighley 6 days earlier.  The contraption made out of recycled materials travelled its way from Yorkshire by land and water to the English Riviera.

 Thomas made the contraptionwhich covered 340 miles in the family agricultural engineering workshop using bicycle frames, kayaks, a motor bike front and half a surfboard.  Where possible the craft travelled by canal and where not it travelled on road,powered by Thomas, fellow Worth  Valley members Sarah Woollard and Sam Wood and members from otherclubs all over the Yorkshire.  The journey ended in spectacular style asthe crew pedalled into the Torquay by sea and drove up the beach, stunning locals and the 4,000 young farmer members who had gathered in the town for theNational Young Farmers Annual Convention.

 For more  pictures of the feat go to

 Any one interested in joining Worth Valley YFC should visit our website: for further details or contact Matthew Binns Club Chairman on 07816897386.

27 Apr 2010 - Dave Does the Double and Fozzie Finishes Fourth at the Mascot Gold Cup

 Dave Johnson kept alive a Worth Valley Club tradition yesterday when he won two classes in the parade ring of the Mascot Gold Cup.  Dave in his costume'Ronnie the Rhubarb' was placed first in the 'Local Produce, Local Markets' themed mascot as sponsored by the National Market Traders Federation beating the Tad and Wetherby YFC 'Winemaker' into second place.  He alsowon the prize for best mascot made from recycled materials.  Prizeswere presented by the President of the NMTF and Carol Smith ofthe event's main sponsor, Foresters.  The only problem was that davehad no hands to hold his prizes.

Dave did not fair as wellin the race itself finishing 50th out of 51 but Joe Foster as club Mascot,Brigadon the Traitor Dog finished 4th.  Both lads donated their prizemoney and their sponsiorship to Sue Ryder Care as part of the Club's efforts inthe Foresters Sponsored 'Rural Apprentice' competition.

23 Apr 2010 - Dave all set for Mascot Gold Cup with his Rhubarb Triangle

Worth Valley Club Chairman Dave Johnson is almost ready for his appearance in thisSunday's Mascot Gold Cup, sponsored by Foresters at Wetherby.  Daveis one of a field of 50 in the race along with Joe Foster as Brigadon theTraitor Dog.  Dave's main aim is to win the home made mascot with thetheme of 'Local Produce, Local Markets' as sponsored by the National MarketTraders Federation.  Dave's costume is a stick of Rhubarb which hails fromthe Rhubarb triangle between Leeds Bradford and Wakefield.  He will alsobe going for the best costume made from recycled materials as his costume ismade from waste foam.

22 Apr 2010 - Worth Valley put the finishing strokes to their arty sheep

After three sittings Worth Valley's sheep, painted in the style of Hockney wasvarnished by Matthew Binns this morning ready for its appearance at the Keighley Sheep Day on Church Green, Keighley this Saturday. 

Worth Valley members have with the help of local artist Sarah Hutton interpreted the importance of their local landscape using aspects of Hockney's artisticstyle.  The watershed aspect of the pennine hills and how this links in with sheep and the growth of the wool industry in this area is the particular focus of this piece.

 The sheep has been sponsored by Liz Barker of the Worth Valley and Aire Valley Magand she chose Worth Valley YFC as the community group that she wanted to work with.

 Everyone is welcome to come and view the work of art on Saturday where the club willalso be showing off its club lambs and getting people to pay £1 and suggest names for them as party of their rural apprentice competition entry.

22 Apr 2010 - Worth Valley members set sail to Torquay on locally built
amphibious craft

A contraption built by Worth Valley ChairmanThomas Ogden set sail to Torquay this week with Worth Valley members Thomas,Sarah Woollard and Trigger on board.  see the news section of for more details. More members of the club, travelling by more traditional means will join them this weekend in Torquay for the NFYFC annual convention.

21 Apr 2010 - Third Worth Valley member gets elected as Yorkshire County Chairman

Worth Valley member Sarah Leach was elected as the Yorkshire Federation of Young farmers Clubs County Chairman at last week's county executive meeting.  Sarah took over from Stephen Knowles and is set to serve ayear's term as County Chairman.She follows in the footsteps of William Mitchell and Andrew Wood who held the position in the 1990s and 2000s respectively.

18 Apr 2010 - Worth valley members get Activated in Hebden Hey

12 members of Worth Valley YFC attended a local food themed Activate weekend at Hebden Hey Activity Centre, Hebden Bridge last weekend.  They took part in a wide range of actuivities as well as taking part in work shops concerning local food networks in the South Pennines and considering ways that the rural producer can be better linked with the urban consumer.

 The weekend which also was attended by members from the other 5 clubs throughout the south pennines was supported by the South Pennines Leader Fund and the Keighley Area Committee.  The next stage of the project is the YFC Local Food Farming and the Countryside Exhibition at the Bronte Vintage Gathering on 8th and 9th May.

 Following this clubs will spread the local food message at their local shows throuyghout the summer

28 Mar 2010 - Worth Valley Pass it on for Jamie Oliver

Worth Valley pass on the local foodmessage with help of Jamie, Lamby and Beefy.

 Forty five members of Worth Valley Young Farmers Club are taking part in the Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food ‘Pass it on’ with their own local food slant. The members aged between ten and twenty-six brought with them locally produced fillet steak and other local ingredients to Bradford ’s Ministry of Food Head quarters on John Street, Bradford.  

Jamie Oliver's Ministry of Food was originally started in Rotherham and he invited Bradford Council leader and local Conservative Parliamentary Candidate  Kris Hopkins to check out the scheme on his Channel 4 TV series last year. Councilor Hopkins brought it to Bradford where it teaches approximately 85 young people each week how to cook andpass the recipe onto family and friends.

 Worth Valley YFC Club Chairman Thomas Ogden was very impressedwith the set up and explained how he was pleased that the team were able toapply a local food slant to the programme as he explained.  “We are doinga big project this year entitled ‘Why local food matters’ which is supported by the South Pennines Leader Fund.  We want to show people the journey that food makes from field to fork and being able to cook and enjoy locally produced food is an important part of this.  Even whilst we were at Jamie's kitchen we managed to teach the recipies to two two fine upstanding Bradford citizens.”

 A side from members passing the technique ontotheir families and friends the next stage is that they will pass their newfound knowledge to visitors to their Local Food and Farming Exhibition which isheld at the Bronte Vintage Gathering on the 8th and 9th May and the Yorkshire Young Farmers County Show at Pateley Bridge on 6thJune.

 Also in attendance were Lamby and Beefy, the Club’s local food mascots and they will be used throughout the summer to get young people interested in the local food message.

 Anyone interested in joining Worth Valley YFC should visit our website: for further details or contact Tom Ogden , Club Chairman on 07966625363.

12 Mar 2010 - Worth valley's Volleyball team and Mini Cooper through to the National Finals

A large group of worth Valley members travelled up to Carlisle last weekend totake part in the Northern Area Competitions Final.

On the saturday the public speakers who had qualified through from the CountyCompetition took the floor with Rachel Moore and Laura Moore involved in the Senior Debating Competition.  Rachel was also Yorkshire's representativein the YFC Senior Ambasador competition.

 In the Junior Speaking competition Alex Binns was unplaced with his speach onbeing a computer geek but Elizabeth Cooper in her year of the public speaking competition qualified through to the Nationaltoin second place with her speach about being ginger!

 After a great night out in Carlisle the following day it was the turn of the club's sportsmen and women to show their stuff.  Sarah Shires, Rachel Moore and Sam Snowden competed in the Lothersdale team at Hockey but were unplaced.   Lucy Ferguson and Oliver Mitchell represented Yorkshire Bat badminton and were placed third overall a position that would prove crucial to Yorkshire's fortunes in the overall competition between the counties of the Northern area by the end of the day.  Also crucial was the amazing performance of the worth Valley Volleyball team lead by captain Cook, Dan Cook.  Other members of the team were Harry Holmes, Dalton Wood, Matty Carhart, Meg Wood, Daisy Duke and Kittie Hammond.  By knocking out the Cumbria team in the league this mean that Yorkshire B would win the competition overall if they came first or second.  As the picture shiows above things got very tense but worth Valley held their nerve in front of a noisy worth valley crowd and took second place and getting through to the national finals in the process.

 Entertainment was provided by Jack Holmes and Pat Atkinson whostarred in the Yorkshire Volley Buffoon team.

12 Feb 2010 - Worth Valley shows off its class of the future at YFYFC do in Darley

Seventeen Worth Valley Junior members travelled to Darley near Harrogate for theYorkshire Federation's Class of the Future event.  the idea for theevent had been thought of at an activate weekend in 2009 partly by Nathangreenwood, Georgia Anderson, Josh Lawn and Archie, and the idea was that itwould be just like a do for the older members but obviously with no booze.

 Allbut Alex Binns travelled on the DJ Abdul disco bus and on arriving and gettingpast the bouncer members immediately headed for the dance floor where theystayed all night to the sounds of DJ Tim Whitworth.  Over 80 membersattended in total from around the county, it was a great night and if this isthe 'Class of the future' Worth Valley has a very bright, noisy and party filled future.  Thanks to County for putting it on. 

 Formore pictures see Kittie Hammond's facebook page or the county website

11 Feb 2010 - Worth Valley sign up to National Competition that theyinspired!


 Worth Valley YFC has signed up to a fundraising challenge akin tothe BBC’s The Apprentice where they will be putting their entrepreneurial  skills to the test against clubs from throughout the country to raise vital funds for health care charity, Sue Ryder Care.
The Rural Apprentice Challenge, originally inspired by the amount of fundraising that Worth Valley YFC has done of recent years for Sue Ryder Care is organised by the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NYFC) and challenges clubs to raise hundreds of pounds for Sue Ryder Care from an initial investment of £50 provided by Foresters, an international financial services organisation.   

 Over 50 YFC clubs from across England have expressedan interest in participation and clubs are still signing up to take part though Worth Valley and other local clubs, Aire Valley, Silsden with Skipton and Lothersdale can now start using their entrepreneurial skills to generate funds immediately.  Kate Few , Fundraiser at Sue Ryder Care, said: “Skills developed whilst attending YFCs - such as teamwork, good communication and problem solving - should equip participating club members to really thrive onthis challenge and accomplish great things.   We know Young Farmersraise thousands of pounds each year for charities but get little credit for itand this competition is designed to celebrate their achievements.”

 Clubs throughout the country willhave to be on top form to beat the winners of last years pilot competition heldin Yorkshire, Aire Valley YFC.   But Worth   Valley has a few ideas in the pipeline to try and raise fundsand promote the club ina positive light.

 All money raised from local YoungFarmers’ Clubs fundraising efforts will go directly to support Sue Ryder Care –Manorlands Hospice which cares for over 600 people in the Bradford Keighley Airedale and the dales.

 The NFYFC Rural Apprentice Challenge is running from November 2009 to October 2010.  A special awards ceremony will take place at the end of the Challenge to recognise and reward the Young Farmers’ Clubs that took part.

 Steve Dilworth, Foresters UK Membership Director,said: “Foresters is delighted to support the NFYFC Rural Apprentice Challengein aid of Sue Ryder Care. Foresters is keen to support young people’s fundraising work in the community and we are looking forward to seeing some wonderful results in the coming months.”

 Formore information on the Rural Apprentice Challenge and the National Federationof Young Farmers’ Clubs visit  For more information on Sue Ryder Care visit

8 Feb 2010 - County Drama Competition

Worth Valley Young Farmers Club travelled to Penistone High School on Sunday to take part in the Yorkshire Young Farmers Drama competition. The drama was written by the club to allow every member that wanted to take part to have a part and therefore Worth Valley’s cast of 55 was the largest on the day by 40 members. The members performed superbly and were placed 4th.  Dalton Wood was placed third in the best  actor competition.  Worth Valley members will now put on a local performance of their Murder Mystery drama at Victoria Hall, Keighley at 4:15 on Sunday 21st February. Tickets are available from Thomas Ogden on 0796625363

24 Jan 2010 - Worth Valley members star in photo shoot and dvd to promote National Competition

Members of Worth Valley have been involved in promoting the Rural Apprentice competition to clubs all over the England and wales by staring in a DVD that can be viewed on the NFYFC website.  It is well worth a watch to findout what the rural apprentice competion is all about, to catch a glimse of yourself and to laugh at Oggy, Hollie, Rachel and Dave.  log onto to watch the DVD.

 Daisy Duke also attended a photo call for the picture above which was taken to promte the competition.

15 Jan 2010 - Worth Valley go ski-ing in Merribel

37 members, past members and people associated with the club went to Merribel for a week of ski and apres ski in the Alps. The also took in an Ice hockey match and were big fans of the Russia team!  Well done to Oggy and Sarah for organising this trip! 

21 Dec 2009 - Worth Valley Drama Script 2010, hot off the press

Hi all,

For the 63 cast in this year's drama, here is the plot with your lines and what youhave to do.  We don't have much time so please print a copy out, or the bit with your lines/actions in it and get learning it before the first practice.  If you are an agent, then your lines will be given at a later date.

 Get learning!  We will have a singing practice for the ones doing songs soon too. Cheers Abdul
any questions just email me

9 Dec 2009 - A successful day out at public speaking

Things got confusing when we found that
Rachel Moore has a double!

Alex won the Junior speaker competition

Winning Junior public speaking team with
Elizabeth Cooper as the speaker

Senior debating team

The YFYFC Ambassador competition winner Rachel moore,

26 Oct 2009 - Worth Valley 1,2 at District Quiz

Worth Valley held the Craven District Quiz at the Wuthering Heights pub on the 26th October. The club did well, with the B & A team coming first and second respectively.

results were-

Worth Valley B with 61 points, Sophie, Dan Cook, Rachel Neal and Jennifer M.

Worth Valley A with 57.5 points, Oggy, Sarah W, Daisy and Kung fu Panda.

with 56 points, Lothersdale A

with 50.5 ponts, Silsden B

with 49.5 points, Upper Wharfdale

6th with 37.5 points were Aire valley and Silsden A.

with 19.5 points were Lothersdale B.

 Thanks to Abs for reading the quiz and to the Wuthering.

10 Oct 2009 - Call My Bluff Victory at National!

 Three members from Worth Valley Young Farmers Club traveled to the national final of the Young Farmers public speaking competition where they beat off competition from ten clubs from all overEngland and Wales to win the 17 to 21 year olds
Call my Bluff competition and became the first ever Worth Valley team to take a National title at public speaking.

 The team of Sophie Ogden, 21, Hollie Ogden, 18 and Sarah Shires 18 had progressed through elimination rounds at District, County and Northern Area Levels during the past year to reach the national finals. The event followed the format of BBCs Call my Bluff and each member had to give a one minute definition of three words and take a turn at chairing the discussion when an opposing team had given its definitions. Whilst the Worth Valley team excelled at guessing the true definition of all three of their oppositions words, the bulk of the competitions points were won through the presentation of

 Sophie Ogden said, We are absolutely delighted with the win, we Worth Valley YFC have had a great reputation forpublic speaking through out its 67 year history but to be part of the first team that has won in the prestigious national final is very special.

26 Sep 2009 - Worth Valley Presentation Dinner at Sandal Farm

Members of Worth Valley & their parents met at Sandal Farm, for the annual Dinner Dance, to celebrate the sucessful year that we have had. Awards were presented to: Jennifer Moore, Meg Wood, Oggy & Ellis Snowden, Jenny Neal, Josh Lawn,Hollie Ogg, Oggy (again) and finally, the Holmes Family for the Most Improved.Flowers were also presented to Sally Wellock, to say thanks for all her contributions and congratulations on her birthday. It was a very good night,and thanks to Sarah Woollard for organising this.

13 Sep 2009 - Worth Valley Members Match the Pigeon!

On the day after woodfest, several Worth Valley members helped raise money for Manorlands but participating in the event, 'Match the Pigeon.' The perfect hangover cure, as you had to walk a route of your choice round the Bolton Abbey Estate, and cross the finish line at the nearest time to the Pigeon landing in Skipton. Worth Valley Member Sophie Ogden, timed her walk to perfection, andcrossed the line at the exact time of the pigeon landing, winning a helecopter flight for two across the Yorkshire dales. Oxenhope Dave, Rachel Neal and Laura Moore were also very close to the correct time. Thomas Ogden did a fine job of Stewarding, as no one got lost.

12 Sep 2009 - Young Farmers Enjoy China Sky At Woodfest

The Worth Valley Massive Marquee made its second appearance at Woodfest, held at Highcliffe Farm. It has the venue for local band China Sky to play, and they were supported by Worth Valley member Dalton Woods band. A good night was had by all who attended.Thanks to all members who helped put up and take down the marquee, and also to Dick and Yvonne Wood, for hosting the do.

30 Aug 2009 - Another Sucessful pram push!

Worth Valley held another sucessful pram push run through Haworth. Teams included Sir Jimmy Saville & his top of the pops mobile, with a little help from the Jacksons! Medieval Team, which included the horse shoe hair cut peasant & Stocks, which provided entertainment at the top of mainstreet, as for a donation you could throw sponges at him. There was also a Snow White & the seven dwaves team, and mebers of Lothersdale YFCalso participated in the fun day out!

23 Aug 2009 - Club Trip to Flamingo Land!

On the 23rd August 09, 2 mini buses full of Worth Valley members went to Flamingo Land. A good day was had by, including Oggy, as even though he didnt go on any rides, he thoroughly enjoyed looking atthe animals in the zoo!

6 Aug 2009 - The Big Weight loss Challenge Results!

results of the weight loss challenge were......

1st: Oggy! Losing nearly 2 stone

2nd: Abdul

 3rd: Mooney

D.N.F Kris Hopkins

6 Aug 2009 - Worth Valley Members Chinese Wedding

Past & Present memebers of Worth Valley YFC travelled to China to celebrate the Wedding of Jacky Wang & Tina Dong.A good time was had by all, and We are all looking forward to the travellers talks on their time in China!

21 Jul 2009 - Worth Valley host a stag do with a difference

Here's something you don't see very often. A Chinese man being carried aloft through the lanes ofrural Yorkshire.

The Chinese man in question is Jacky Wang and the people carrying him are the members of Worth Valley Young Farmers Club.

Jacky came to study Environmental Science at Bradford Uni in 2002 and, while on work placement in Bingley, colleague Andrew Wood introduced him to Young Farmers. He was an instant hit with the rest of the membership.

"Despitethe language barrier, Jacky was always first in the queue when it came to sports, drama and cooking competitions, social events and even public speaking," says Andrew.

"Although members of our club don't have to be from a farming background, an authentic Chinese was something of a first."
Eleven members and past members of Worth Valley Young Farmers Club are due to shortly fly out to his home town Jiamusi for the wedding of the first ever Chinese Young Farmer.

Although moving to Edinburgh in 2007, Jacky has kept in touch with members and made a return to the area last week for part of his stag weekend. He was carried through the streets of Oxenhope on a Chinese-style float made by the WorthValley YFC members in his honour.

Club Chairman Thomas Ogden, who was one of the 20 lads who carried Jacky, said:"It was hard work, he'd put on weight since we'd last seen him and after carrying him, the float and the bales on the three miles trek up to the Dog andGun we all have sore shoulders, but Jacky enjoyed the day immensely." 

Jacky says: "I have some very happy memories of my time at Worth Valley YFC. Thewhole club was so friendly and I loved the social side and the many competitions we did together. You'll never meet a nicer, more fun group of people than the Young Farmers."

20 Jun 2009 - Worth Valley Members Compete at Northern Area Field Day!

Congratulations to Worth Valley Members who competed at Northern Area Field Day, held at Thirsk Auction Mart, on the 20th June. After qualifying through from County Rally, Racheal Moore was placed 1stat Senior Lamb Judging, Sophie Ogden came 5th at Inter Novelty Judging(sunglasses) and Micheal Moore & Bev Fort came 6th at Land Rover handling! These results helped Yorkshire win overall, so well done to all!

7 Jun 2009 - Worth Valley move up one place in County Rally placings to 9th.

We done to all who took part in the CountyRally this weekend.  The results are all on the County web site! .

24 May 2009 - Worth Valley 3rd at District ralley but retain Club of the Year trophy

Worth Valley tried to move up a place in the District Ralley this year but couldn't quite manage it though they did creep much closer to the top two clubs Silsden and Lothersdale.  Worth Valley did however gain some silverware by keeping hold of the Craig Coleman Memorial Craven District Club of the year Trophey for best positions in district competitions throughout the last year.

 It was scortcher on District ralley day and Sophie Ogden got Worth Valley off to afitting start winning the Sunglasses judging competition but despite many good performances in other classes we had to take our hats off to the top two whof airly beat us and also Aire Valley who did superbly well to say they don't have as many members as the big three.

21 May 2009 - Worth Valley Weight Loss challenge

Oggy,Mooney and abdul have taken on Bradford Council Leader Kris Hopkins in a weight loss Challenge.  The one who loses the highest percentage of body weight by 5th August will win £20 off each of the others.  Opening weights are below.

16 stone 13.2 pounds

19 stone 4.2 pounds

15 stone 6.2 pounds

Kris 18 stone 12.4 pounds

luck everyone!

15 May 2009 - Worth Valley trio to challenge Cawthorne at Yorkshire Show
for place in National finals

Sophie, Hollie and Sarah Shires will take on Cawthorne at the Show to see which gets to go through to the Natuional public speaking finals at Warwickshire later in the year.  Judges could not seperate the two teams at the Northern Area weeken in Hexham in March so a special play off has had to be organised.  the competition will be held in front of the hundreds of visitors to the YFC stand at the Show which will add presure and so our girls will need plenty of bottle to win but we are surethey are up to it!  Good luck!

10 May 2009 - Exhibition a Huge Success!

Young Farmers Educate and entertain and educate with their Food, Farming and the Countryside Exhibition.

 Members of Worth Valley Young Farmers Club held a highly successful Food, Farming and the Countryside Exhibition last weekend and layedon free busses to bring out young people from urban areas to spend a day in the Countryside and learn that food does not just come from the supermarket.

 Our younger members of the club held regular meetings to plan the format of the exhibitionand in the weeks leading up to the event they designed and distributed 10,000 free tickets to under 16s in the urban areas of nearby Bradford and Keighley.  Response was much better than anticipated with over fourthousand people visiting the young farmers section and being were guided through the journey that food makes from field to fork.  This was done using livestock provided by members and demonstrations from local butcher Chris Herd and the team from Alfe’s Restaurant in nearby Keighley.  The club’s new milkable cow also made her debut appearance at the show and was namedDaisy, largely after our member Daisy Duke.

 With thehelp of the Holmes family at Marsh Top Nurseries our Younger Members also gaveout Vegetable plants to encourage young people to have a go at growing their own produce.  The concept for the exhibition came from the Club’s Open Farm day 2008 when members realised that some young people in urban areas had never been to the countryside and that many had little idea where food came from prior to itsarri val at the supermarket.  The Club’s younger members felt sopassionate about this that they put in a proposal to try to address thisproblem to Bradford Council’s Youth Opportunity Fund. Largely due to the experience of the Club’s members at YFC public speaking competitions, two members wowed a young person’s panel in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style interview. This secured the club an award of over £30,000 to run their project which included the purchase of a new 9m x 27m marquee in which they held the exhibition last weekend.  Members also organised a number of events to keep people entertained as well as educated and these included Sheep Racing, a Mascot Olympics and a Scrapheap challenge which saw the winning team fire an orange over half a mile.  The club also organised a wrestling show in the new marquee on the Saturday evening with over £500 being raised for national healthcare charity Sue Ryder Care.

 The entire project was hailed as a huge success by Worth Valley ’s exhibition working party Chairman Hollie Ogden aged 17.  “Our young members should be proud of what they have achieved with this project, it was one of the most busy sections of the entire Show and we know that the young people came out to attend as we got so many of our tickets back in. An added bonus is that we gained at least five new members over the weekend and raised the profile of Young Farmers in the West Yorkshire immensely.”  Club leader and former Yorkshire Federation Chairman Andrew Wood was also impressed with the efforts of the 45 members of Worth Valley ,and extended thanks to members of other local clubs Aire Valley , Holme Valley and Calderdale YFC who helped out over the weekend.  “We hope that other clubs around the country might follow what we have done here and gain the same benefits as our members have done.”

6 May 2009 - Worth Valley all set for their showpiece weekend

Members of Worth Valley Young Farmers Club are gearing up for their Food and Farming and the Countryside Exhibition at the Bronte Vintage Gathering this weekend and over 9,000 young people from the Bradford District have been invited along to join them at Haworth Road Show field in Cullingworth. The members are also advertising the wrestling showon saturday night which is to be followed by a free evening of entertainment with the 309s and DJ abdul.  For more information leave an enquiry byclicking the box to the left.  A schedule for the club's two day extravaganzer is attached below.

4 May 2009 - Worth Valley Members bike to Blackpool on four man bike.

If you saw a giant crisp box hurtling towardsyou around Yorkshire at the back end of April, you were not hallucinating, itwas the Worth Valley members with other Yorkshire Young Farmers doing their bitfor charity. The gutsy team, which is part of The Yorkshire Federation of Young Farmers Club (YFYFC) has decided to don a giant, custom-made Seabrook Crisp box- Prawn Cocktail to be exact – powered by a four-man pedal vehicle, as theyambled their way from Scotch Corner to the federation’s AGM in Blackpool, 1st May 2009.

Along the way, they stopped off to collect money for Sue Ryder Care, and Seabrook Crisps  gave them a limitless supply of its tasty snacks to handto lucky punters… as well as the farmers to eat themselves as they made their epic journey.

The team of energetic young farmers, which comprises six male and female riders, aged 18 to 26, approahed Seabrook Crisps because they considered the 64 year old crisp brand to be Yorkshire’s greatest export, which is their theme for this year’s activity and an accolade Seabrook is proud to accept. Ken Brook-Chrispin commented “To be recognised as Yorkshire’s greatest export by this plucky young bunch of Yorkshire-people is a great testament to the brandand the place it holds in Yorkshire people’s hearts. Its fabulous to see such regional pride and passion amongst young people, which can only mean great things for the future of British farming and manufacturing.”

The determined Yorkshire farmers will begin the four-day challenge, from 28th April, at Scotch Corner, North Yorkshire. They will make scheduled stops at anumber of great towns en-route to Blackpool, where they were greeted by therest of the young farmers.

Thomas Ogden from Worth Valley YFC says, “Nothing gave us greater prideand pleasure than to complete this challenge in a Seabrook Crisp box. Seabrookis a brand close to the hearts of many Yorkshire farmers, as the company goes out of its way to source its spuds from its Yorkshire heartland… plus they make very tasty and crunchy crisps and the prawn cocktail flavour was voted to be our favourite flavour by the Worth Valley members`.  I have to name and shame Andrew Wood who's pedal power was completely lacking in the uphill  sections. But as soon as he saw a downhill section on the horizon he was more than happy to get on the bike and cruise down it!"

This year’s chosen activity is all in the name of promoting the Yorkshire Federation of Young Farmers Club, and to raise funds for the Sue Ryder Care charity, which works to provide compassionate care and support for people living with serious illness and conditions, as well as providing care for theirfamily and loved ones.

27 Apr 2009 - Worth Valley have big Day at Mascot Gold Cup

Oggy make's it4-0 as Bottle shows its Glass and pipps 'Spud' at the Mascot Gold Cup

Worth Valley Chairman Tom Ogden continued his winning streak in the home made mascot competition at Wetherby Races last weekend though he did need the help of Vice chairman, David Johnson to do it. As for the race itself despite our Club's Mascot 'Spud' great effort to finish runner up it was Billy Bottle came out top when a field of 54 characters assembled in the sunshine on 26th April for the forth running of the Mascot Gold Cup at Wetherby Races, the world’s largest mascot event, sponsored by Foresters and organised by Sue Ryder Care andYorkshire Young Farmers.  This was the fourth running of the event sinceits conception by members of Yorkshire Young Farmers in 2006 and it was asalways a huge hit with the race day crowd as well as raising over £15,000 for charity.

 Billy Bottle who promotes recycling for British Glass in his day job had a previously poor record in the race having never had a top ten finish in three outings. However Billy must have done enough in training to impress Harrogate farmer and owner of‘ Organic Dales’ Stephen Lofthouse, who paid Billy’s entry fee and put the Organic Dales name to the eventual winner.  Handicappers were left stunned at the speed the bottle achieved as he left the field of 53 for dead at the start and held off late bursts from the Worth Valley YFC ‘Spud’ and last year’swinner the ‘Wokon Noodle Box’, who came second and third respectively.

 A large number of mascots from professional sports teams participated with H’angus the Monkey of Hartlepool Town (7th) leading piers such as Ronnie Rhino of Leeds Rhinos (9th)and Ozzie Owl of Sheffield Wednesday (12th).  Full results canbe found on the event’s official website which showslast home was Chip the Sausage representing the MLC and supporting Sue RyderCare.

 Prior to the race, a mascot parade had been held where a panel of judges including Emmerdale’s Maxwell Caulfield,his lady wife from ITV’s Wild at Heart, Miss Juliet Mills and dignitaries from the sponsors chose the best mascot in show.  Winner was Toby Tyke of Barnsley F.C. with Ronnie Rhino placed second.

 Each year in addition to setting outand removing the fences before and after the race it is the duty of members of Yorkshire YFC to chose a positive ethical theme to promote with the event.   This year they chose ‘Be keen, be green, support your local market’ as sponsored by the National Market Traders Federation.  Members from across Yorkshire are challenged to create their own Club mascot on this theme and Fay Quigley, President of the NMTF placed the Mean Green Market Machine from Worth Valley YFC first.  This giant market stall mascot was so big that it needed two runners just to carry its weight.  These were Vice Chairman, Dave Johnson and Chairman Thomas Ogden who has now won this prize four years on the trot.  Second prize went to Catterick YFC who hadJack Henry as the mascot, Jack of all trades.  Jack made up for hisdisappointment when he was awarded the Corus sponsored prize for best mascotmade from recycled materials which delighted the large group of supporters fromThirsk YFC who had come to cheer him on. 

 Mascots then took in refreshments prior to the big race kindly provided by Jaffa, Taylors of Harrogate and PureLife Water.A handicapping system is put in place based on size and shape of costume together with shoe size and of course previous form with the large cumbersome mascots gaining a 60 yard start over the slighter ones in the two hundred and fifty yard trip.  Fences, sponsored by Corus, Sovereign Healthcare, Skipton Building Society and Bradford Market services also come into play and cause chaos due to the limited visibility that mascots oftenhave.  At least ten falls occurred with feet, costumes and PC Bill’shelmet littering the turf in the aftermath of the race, yet all made it to the line intact and determined to return for glory in the 2010 Mascot Gold Cup at Wetherby.

 Sue Ryder Care Fundraiser and past Chairman of Yorkshire Federation of YFC Andrew Wood explained how he was delighted with the event and amount raised.  “Mascots have now raised over £65,000 in the four years that the race has been run and we are very lucky to work with Yorkshire Young Farmers in this high profile event  We need toraise over £10 million each year just to provide our services in Yorkshire alone so event such as this which raise funds and our profile are veryimportant to us, a huge thank you is due to the team at Wetherby Racecourse and conference centre, all the mascots, our sponsors and everyone who volunteers their time for this event.”

 A DVD of the event is in production and will shortly be available to order for a cost of £6.  For more information or to register an interest for the 2010 Mascot Gold Cup contact Andrew Wood on 01535 640432 or email

11 Apr 2009 - Food and farming exhibition cooking up nicely

WorthValley's Food, Farming and the Countryside Exhibition at the BronteVintage Gathering is shaping up nicely, with a whole host of good ideas coming from the young members in charge of the project.

 With the marquee now on order in which the exhibition will take place the other things can now be organised and members have decided on and are on with the following atractions.

 Livestock section.

Food section (fruit veg and grow your own)

Food Healthy cooking and eating exhibition

Cookery and flower aranging comps

Sheep racing

Jaffa launch scrapheap challenge

Seabrooks Box vs Spud the potato

mascot olympics

Milk the wooden cow

and many more still to be confirmed.

 the Club has also encouraged members to purchase one of the new club hooded tops so we all look smart and can sell YFC to potential new members at the event.


10 Apr 2009 - Worth Valley plan Wrestling Night as part of their Rural
Apprentice project.

Young Farmers ‘ready to rumble’ for hospice

Members of Worth Valley Young Farmers Club haveturned their hands to wrestling show organisers as part of a Yorkshire wide competition for Young Farmers to raise funds for Sue Ryder Care- Manorlands hospice using their entrepreneurial skills.

The Club has hired the services of the Pro Rebel Wrestling group who will put on an indoor show on the evening of Saturday 9th May at the site of the Bronte Vintage Gathering, at Haworth Road, Cullingworth and it is hoped that a full house will swell funds raised.

Worth Valley YFC Vice Chairman David Johnson isvery excited about the event and hopes that it might help the club’s chances inthe ‘Rural Apprentice’ competition when it is judged in early June.  “When we had to come up with a new initiative to raise money for Manorlands it made sense to stick to something that we know about and enjoy.  Many of ourmembers enjoy watching wrestling and so to organise a wrestling show that the public will enjoy and pay to see made perfect sense.  There has already been lots of interest in tickets to this family show and the wrestlers themselves have been helpful.  When they found out that all the proceeds were going to such a good cause they offered to hold a very special ‘shave your head match.’  This will involve two wrestlers with long hair compete in a match where the loser has his locks shaved off by the victor. “

This will be one of many highlights in the 150 minute long show which commences at 7pm.  Tickets cost £6 for adults and £4 concessions and are available to order on 01535 640432 or through the WorthValley YFC website .

3 Apr 2009 - Worth Valley Purchase large new Marquee

Worth Valley YFC areproud to announce that following an award from the Bradford Council's YouthCapital Fund, they have purchased a Brand new marquee.  This will be usedfor the first time at the Bronte Vintage Gathering on 9th and 10th May.

31 Mar 2009 - Debut success for 'Inteligent John'

Worth Valley YFC met atHigh Wheathead Farm, Keighley where they had a tidy up and had a hen judging evening.  A lot of members took part and the standard was high with ournew senior member 'Inteligent John' scoring a debut win in his first WVYFC judging competition

24 Mar 2009 - A night at the Oscars

Worth valley met at parkside socail Club for a night at the Oscars following the endof their pantomime season.  Awards were voted for by the cast but the mainthing was that everyone had been involved and played their part.  And to finish the whole thing off the club was presented with the Craven District Drama trophey which they had not won for four years.

done everyone!

21 Mar 2009 - Worth valley not last at Northern Area panto

Over fifty members of Worth Valley YFC travelled to Hexham near Newcastle for theNorthern Area Weekend where we took part in sports, speaking drama and for the older end a bit of partying before a night on the floor of Barasford Village Hall.  Afterter travelling up in three mini busses, a discovery and aLandrover and cattle trailer the first job was the Panto where although things didn't go quite as well as at Keighley with help from some hearty support from Silsden with skipton YFC in the crowd we got through it and actually finished 4th out of seven which was much better than we thought and the judges gave us some good feedback.

 Then it was chance for our speakers to shine as Tom Ogden competed in the Senior Brainstrust and the team of Sarah Shires, Hollie and Sophie Ogden came joint second in the Intermediate Call my bluff competition.  will they get through to the county final?  They should do as they were Yorkshire A butwe'll have to wait and see.

 Finally it was time for the egg chasers to put thier lives in danger in the rugby competition. Worth Valley did well, only David Cocks came back badly injured!

17 Mar 2009 - Booze Up At The Brewers

On Tuesday 17th March Worth Valley young farmers had a trip to the Old Spot Brewery in Cullingworth. We had a tour round where they brewed theale and were given a talk by Julian. It was really interesting to learnhow they made it and what happened with it all. It was followed by pie and peasand Matthew Binns gave the vote of thanks. Everyone who went had a really goodnight.

8 Mar 2009 - Worth Valley, Well Worth Watching

Over 450 people queued around the block to get into Victoria Hall, Keighley yesterday to seeworth Valley Young Farmers Club's pantomime, 'The Cinderella factor'.  And the general feeling was that it was worth the wait with our members plus Jess of course from Lothersdale YFC putting on a great show.  To see the pundit's reveiws go to worth valley's facebook page, where L.C. has set the ball rolling!  She also wishes us good luck for our trip to the northern area finals on 21st March in Hexham.  Well done WVYFC!

7 Mar 2009 - Tickets for Worth Valley Panto at Vic Hall Keighley sold

Please do not turn up on the door to our pantomime unless you have reserved your ticket(s) already. 475 tickets all gone!

11 Feb 2009 - Tickets for Worth Valley Panto at Vic Hall Keighley

To get your tickets for this event see any of the Ogdens with your money, £3 foradults, £2 for under 16s.

 Or if you don't think you'll see them then you can send a cheque for the number of tickets you require to Thomas Ogden, 38 Station Road, Oxenhope, keighley BD229JJ.  Please send a SAE so they can return the tickets to you in the post.

 Pleasenote that VIc Hall has a large capacity and it is likely that we will have tickets on the door but the best seats will be reserved for those who have bought tickets in advance.

7 Feb 2009 - Panto Cast tips andupdated scripts for Keighley performance on 8th March

Please only open the file at the bottom of this page if you are a cast memberor helper, as if you are planning to come to the Keighley performance to watchit would only spoil your entertainment by reading the newly revisedscript. 

 Forcast members, please have a look through, for most people there are hardly anychanges, but for sharron, Royston, Simon, Louis, Betty and the 3 fairies thereare quite a few.  These have been done to make things clearer and also tomake it more of a panto, which was one of the things the judges at tod saidcould be improved.  we've also tidied the ending up a bit.

 Have a read through and see what you think

5 Feb 2009 - Worth Valley to star in the 'Love Keighley' campaign

Worth Valley's Giant Heart Mascot used for the 2008 Mascot Gold Cup at Wetherby is to be the centrepiece of the 'Love Keighley' campaign held on Valentines day in Keighley Town Centre.  The event being run by the Keighley town Town Centre will promote the vitality of the town and our on loan mascot Cliffe the Castle will also be there hopefully with a Worth valley member inside.  Quite a few members have already shown an interest in coming along and it's a case of more the merrier!  Let abdul know if you fancy coming along. To see oggy running in the 2008 Mascot Gold Cup at Wetherby click on this link below andlook out for the huge heart!

2 Feb 2009 - Worth Valley give heroic panto performance at the Todmorden

Dozens of Worth Valley members pulled out an astonishing performance in the County Pantomime Competition last Sunday and qualified through .  Despite finishing 3rd , to Cawthorne (2nd) and Penistone (1st).  The quality from the Worth Valley cast was superb considering just how far behind the other two teams we were in terms of practice time.  Judges commented that we were still a little short of practice and a little rough arround the edges,(good job they didn't see us last week!) but they stressed that if we went through to the next round and did a bit of extra practice the resluts could quite easily be reversed!  In the best male performer category, Dalton Wood was placed second for his role as Buttons.  Christina Cooper also impressed the judges despite only having a small part and she was placed second in the best female performer category.  

 Our next pantomime performance will be a local one to which we will invite everyonewe know.  It could well be at Victoria Hall in Keighley on the afternoon of Sunday 8th March but this has still to be confirmed.

 Following that we must then decide if we are going through to the Northern Area Finals inHexam on 21st March.  It will be a big opperation to get up there but agreat YFC experience if we go.  It will be discussed at this week's meeting.

 Welldone Worth Valley and of course our Lothersdale singing sensation, Jess! 

 25 Jan 2009 - WorthValley / Lothersdale Rugby team qualifies for northern area.

Worth Valley's rugby team teamed up with Lothersdale's finest at the County Rugby Competition at Pickering on 25th January where they came third overall and qualified throughto the Northern Area round at Hexam on 22nd March. A side from giving a good team a real pasting the highlight of the day was dragging Brigadon the traitor through a puddle to finally get some mud on hisshirt after he played five games without soiling himself in the slightest! 

 18 Jan 2009 - WorthValley Triumph at County Ten Pin Bowling Competition

On 18th January twoteams from Worth valley YFC travelled to Wakefield for the County Ten pinBowling Competition against 24 other teams from across Yorkshire.  And what a result, one of our teams came first and one third.  Good work thebowlers!  Full results below

Ten Pin Bowling 2009

Written by County Office   

The young farmers took over the whole of the upstairs at the Wakefield Super Bowl on Sunday 18th January, and also the Wimpy food chain! 84 members travelled to Wakefield to take part in the Ten Pin Bowling Competition. There were a range of ages from juniors to seniors and a range of scores, which made the competition very interesting!  
 Results from the day:  1st Worth Valley A Tom Ogden, Hollie Ogden, Sarah Woolard and Toby Davis. 460 points

2nd Thirsk B 3rd Worth Valley B Dave Johnson, Phil Blackwell, Eleanor Moore and Rachel Blackwell 451 points  

 15 Jan 2009 - Hollie and Alex face daunting interview

Worth Valley members Hollie Ogden and Alex Binns went to Bradford Youth Centre on Monday 12th January where they faced an interview with a young people's panel as part of a grant application to the youth opportunities fund and the Youth capital fund.  This was the final part of the application process and we can do nothing but wait to see if Worth Valley will be granted to funding we asked for.  Both Hollie and Alex felt the interview had gone well and got some good interview experience out of the evening.  Well done and fingers crossed for the decision which should be announced in mid February.

1 Jan 2009 - Worth Valley NYE Party a big success

All went well with the Worth Valley.  To see pictures go to the gallery and click the link to the WVYFC face book page.  More details to follow including amount raised for club funds.


14 Dec 2008 - Worth Valley help Craven to Clean sweep at Public Speaking

Well done to all members who took part at Harrogate on Sunday and did so well winning almost everything we could and helping Craven A to win overall and Craven B to come second.  Special mention goes to the club promotion team who won with barely any practice. 

2 Dec 2008 - Slip, Slide and SLEDGE

On tuesday the 2nd December worth valley young farmers went sledgi on oggies field. People brought loads of diffetent things to sledge in from tubs to plastic bags. Almost everyone had a go and they even got Abdul down the slope. Everyne had an exellent night at what was propably the bst young farmers meeting ever.

16 Nov 2008 - She's Dead Right!!

Following success at Country Side Live! a couple of weeks ago, Eleanor qualified to compete in the National Carcase competition at Birmingham Primestock Show on Sunday 16 November.  Whilst competeing against 40 other competitors from across England and Wales, Eleanor achieved a very commendable 3rd place in the Senior Pig Carcase competition, putting Worth Valley YFC right on the national radar.  Her team mate also contributed to the par being placed 3rd overall as a team.

 26 Oct 2008 -
Worth Valley Victory at Countryside Live by Rachel Moore

Worth Valley Victory at
Countryside Live
On Sunday 26th October, fourteen members from Worth Valley Young Farmers Club traveled to ‘Countryside Live’ where they beat off competition from 48 other YFC clubs to win overall Club stock-judging competition. 
Countryside Live is the autumn version of the Great Yorkshire Show and is held in the famous showground in Harrogate .  A large part of the event involves Young Farmers competitions with the premier event being the live and carcass judging.  As part of this, members placed pens of four live lambs, live beef cattle, lamb carcasses and pig carcasses in an order of their preference.  They then give a 2 minute speech reasoning their choices to the master judge.

 Training seemed to have paid off for the Worth Valley Club based in Haworth as Alex Binns came 3rd in the Junior pig carcass class and Phil Blackwell achieved 3rd in the senior beef class.  Three sisters from the club were also successful with Rachael Moore placed 3rd in the senior lamb carcass class, Jennifer Moore  3rd in the senior pig carcass class, but both were outshone by younger sister, Eleanor Moore winning the class with a fantastic first prize in the senior pig carcass class and receiving a tankard for her efforts.

 Due to a tremendous effort from all that competed, for the first time in the club’s history, Worth Valley YFC won the trophy for overall points.With over 80 members competing from across Yorkshire this is a great achievement and a brilliant start to the competing year.

 Rachel Moore, the Club’s Programme co-coordinator explained that the whole club was delighted with the result.  “Many of our members have not done much livestock judging before and a lot of them are not from farming families so to beat the more rural clubs at their own game was a fantastic achievement.”

 By Rachel Moore

 Anyone interested in joining Worth Valley YFC should visit our website: for further details or contact Tom Ogden, Club Chairman on 07966625363

14 Oct 2008 - Kwik Cricket and Sheep Judging

On Tuesday 14th October the younger end of the Worth Valley young farmers went to Oakbank school. They practised kwik cricket in readiness for the district sports on the Sunday. Then at 7:30 they left Oakbank and went to Jonny Raws farm for sheep judging. The junior winners were 3rd Sarah Bell, 2nd ??? and 1st Jack Holmes. The seniors were 1st Rachel Moore, 2nd Tom Ogden. Christina Cooper gave thanks to the Raw family.  

12 Oct 2008 - Hollie wins National Rounders Final with Lothersdale

Hollie Ogden became just the third Worth valley member ever to be part of a winning team at the National Federation of Young Farmers Sports and Speaking Finals held last Sunday.  Hollie was part of the Lothersdale YFC who claimed a fantastic victory.  Hollie said, "I would rather have won it with the Worth Valley team but helping Lothersdale to do it was the next best thing."  especially after we beat them at northern area and drew with them at the Ashes this summer." Hollie will be back with Worth Valley this weekend as the Club takes on the rest of the Craven District at Kwick Cricket, rugby and hockey.   


11 Oct 2008 - Worth Valley Car Wash Cleans up for Hospice

Picture: Alex Binns, Harry Holmes, Jack Homes, Rosie Binns, Mell Carr, Christina Cooper, Billy Holmes, Erin Boulder, Melissa Tomlinson, Rosie Day, Nathan Greenwood also helped out but is not pictured.  Worth Valley Car wash cleans up for hospice
A charity car wash run by junior members of Worth Valley Young Farmers Club and their friends raised £141.50 for Manorlands Hospice last Saturday.  The idea was the brain child of Alex Binns (13) who organised the 6 hour long car wash at his home in Shaw Lane, Oxenhope. Alex was delighted with the total and thanked all the people who had brought their cars along. “We only charged £3 per car so to make so much for Manorlands was great.”

 Sue Ryder Care Fundraiser Andrew Wood thanked the young team, “Not only did they raise a great total which will be spent on our services at Manorlands but they organised it all themselves and are a great example to other young people in the local area.”

7 Oct 2008 - Worth Valley Radio

On Tuesday 7th October the worth valley young farmers went to the radio station for Drystone radio ( They were given a tour of the studio, looking at all the equipment. They even got a bit of a lesson in how to produce a radio show. Everyone had a good time and one of the members even signed himself up for lessons. It was one of the best turn outs in a long time.

2 Oct 2008 - Caption Competition

Caption competition. You chose the person speaking and what theyare saying.  Send your ideas to Alex Binns at

 My starter is Kath, "Ten more minutes and I'll never have todo this riddiculous sport ever again."

14 Sep 2008 - YFC Goes Ape!

On Saturday 14th September 28 members of Worth Valley Young Farmers Club visited Go Ape at Grizedale Forest, and had a go at swinging through trees, just a normal day then.

They were split up into two groups of fourteen and had a 15 minute training session before actually getting up into the trees. Everyone had agreat day.

6 Sep 2008 - Young Farmers Play The Tests

On Tuesday 9th August members of Worth Valley Young Farmers Club went to Oakbank School to play kwick cricket. They split up into four teams and played several matches over one anda half hours to decide on a winner. The highest scorer of the match was Billy Holmes even though he never hit the ball, he just kept running and managed to rack up a massive 13 runs.

3 Sep 2008 - Keighley Show Canceled!

Due to the bad weather over the last few weeks (Months!!) keighley show has had to be canceled this means that there will no longer be a young farmers meeting on thursday night to help set up.

3 Sep 2008 - Go bannanas for Go Ape!

The trip to go ape ison for sunday the 14th of september. If you are wanting to go you must let spud know asap and you have to be over 1.4m tall. The cost is £20 for under 18's and £25 for over. There will be a club bus which will be subsidised for members and will cost £10 for non members. If you wish to attend text spud on 07900074376 with your name age and hight.

2 Sep 2008 - Thank you letter from Manorlands


 Mr A Feather

 Worth Valley
Young Farmers Club

 9 Moorside
West Yorkshire
BD22 9QZ

02 September

 Dear Andrew


 As your two years as Chairman draw to a close I write on behalf of Manorlands Hospice in Oxenhope I would like to thank you and the members of Worth Valley YFC, for your most recent kind donation of £515.47 raised by your fantastic Young Farmers Pram Push held on 24th August.  It is very rare that we get a phone call from a member of the public commending anevent run by supporters but we received one last week praising the great job your members and friends were doing on Main Street, Haworth. 

Please accept this letter as an official receipt and pass on our sincere thanks to you rmembers who have raised a fantastic £10662.71 for the hospice during your twoyear stint as Chairman. 

 In addition Worth Valley’s support has been crucial to the success of other major eventsfrom which we have benefited such as the Murder Mystery Dinner, YFC bars and the Mascot Gold Cups which combined have raised us an additional £37,000 during the past two years.  Finally your support in terms of volunteering is also much appreciated with your Chairman’s Challenge of bringing and erecting the 40ft Christmas tree for our Lights of Love service being one of the many things the Club does.

 Your supportand donations go towards the services based at Manorlands Hospice which include an in-patient unit, day therapy unit and community team as well as specialist bereavement counsellors and complementary therapists. 
 It willcost £2.0 million to run all the hospice services this year and every donationis so important to us. 

 Thank you somuch for your continued support.

Kindest Regards,

 Jodie Shepherd

 Fundraising Manager

 Sue Ryder Care– Manorlands Hospice
 Tel: 01535640430

26 Aug 2008 - Cooper is WV Robin Hood by Alex Binns

On Tuesday 25th August 26 members of Worth Valley Young Farmers Club visited Aire Valley Archery Club at St. Ives Estate, Harden and had tuition from the archery club members . At the end a competition was held to see who was the most skilledafter the three hour session. The Gold medal was won by Christina Cooper,the silver to Toby Davis and the bronze to club Chairman Andrew Feather in his last competition before he becomes too old to compete. Michael Moore gave the vote of thanks.

 Anyone interested in joining Young Farmers should contact Thomas Ogden on 07966625363.

24 Aug 2008 - Young Farmers Pram Push Has The X Factor!

Worth Valley Young Farmers Club held their 25th Annual charity pram push lastSunday and raised £492 for Sue Ryder Care Manorlands.  But this was noordinary street collection, over 70 members, former members and friends of the Haworth based club pushed their themed prams, carts and buggies from the Bronte Hotel in Cross Roads to the Wuthering Heights in Stanbury calling in at each pubon the way.

 Club Chairman Andrew Feather was delighted with the event. " I think it was the biggest turn out for 20 years and it helped make up for the fact the Carneval was not on this year. The x factor mobile auditions buggy was a work of art and the show the WWE wrestling team put on in theirring at the top of main street was a huge hit withy the tourists."

 Any other teams from YFC clubs  wishing to takepart should contact Tom Ogden on 07966625363.

 Many more pictures of the event are available on facebook and theYou tube footage will be avaqilable to view soon.  Proffessional pictures are available on David Brett's website

19 Aug 2008 - Worth Valley and Wilden Squash Club presented with £602

Worth Valley YFC this week gratefully received a check for £602 from former Club Chairman Dick Wood. Worth Valley was one of three local good causes to benefit following the successful Summer night Sensation event run at a Cross Roads Farm on 9th August. 
The idea for the event came from Wilsden Squash Club member and localfarmer Richard Wood.  Over 300 people including many worth Valley members attended the event and enjoyed the evening largely due to soul act Reece and Seona who entertained the crowd all evening.  They were joined by are soul legend Adam 'Steve' Brunskill who made it a trio during a medally of Lionel lRichie songs.  The event made proceeds of £1806 which was split equallybetween the squash club, Manorlands hospice and Worth Valley Young Farmers Club who helped with ticket sales and the running of the bar.

 Richard said “We at the squash club are delighted that everyone had agreat time and that so much money was raised.  I was a member of Young Farmers and know what a great organisation it is for young people and everyone knows what a great service Manorlands provides our community. I’d like to thank everyone who supported the event.” 

 Laura Moore gave thanks to Dick on receiving the cheque and Holly Ogden sent a letter of thanks from the Club. 

13 Aug 2008 - Chuckas away on YFC polo visit

Worth Valley YFC travelled to the Vale of York Polo Club where they learned about and practiced some of the skills of being a polo player. The visit was kindly hosted by Mr Paul Piddington who is a proffessional at the sport.  He organised a shoot out between the lads and lasses and the fellas were well in control early on.  That was until Liz Greenwood mounted the wooden horse and scored on every attempt winning it for the ladies in a sudden death play off.

A question and answer session followed and Mr Piddington explained that if the older ones fancied coming back some time they could have a propper game against another team.  We intend to challenge the Haworth Bridleways Group to a match in the near future.

6 Aug 2008 - Dan tickled in Belly Button By a Bull

Members of WorthValley YFC met at Priestley's Farm, Clayton for a beef judging evening whereDan Holmes showed his bravery by allowing a bull to tickle his tummy. 

29 Jul 2008 - WV judge Rhea of the year

Worth Valley YFC met at the farm of Mr and Mrs Holmes where they judgedRhea.  Over 25 members attended and all placed for of the Rhea in theorder and gave reasons to the master judge on why they placed them in theatorder.  Places were as follows:

1st Sarah Bell

2nd Holy Ogden

3rd Frayer Bunton


1st Elleanor Moore

2nd Sophie Ogden

3rd Andrew Feather

 Sophie Ogden gave thanks to the Holmes family for allowing us touse their Farm.

21 Jul 2008 - Worth valley placed first and second at Oxenhope Fete Tug of War.

OK so we were the only two teams in it but as they say you've got to be in it to win it and we were!

20 May 2008 - Worth Valley invite school children on Hearty Farm Visit.

 Youngsters Flock to Farm Visit

 A year six class from Lees primary School spent an afternoon on the Farm last Tuesday as part of an event organized by WorthValley Young Farmers Club to promote the Year of Food and Farming and healthyhearts.

 The class of 30 children walked to Highcliffe Farm, Lees Moore which was provided by kind permission of ex Worth Valley YFC members, Richard and Yvonne Wood.  Children were given a guided tour of the farm where they saw cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, geese, the milking machine and tractors.  They were also given information by the 10 young farmer members present about other types of farming and healthy eating as partof the Young Farmer’s current project to promote Heart Health issues to young people throughout Yorkshire.

 Also in attendance were a group of 10 local nursery school aged children and a class of 30 Children from Heaton  Primary School, Bradford.

 Worth Valley Chairman Andrew Feather wasdelighted with the afternoon and has plans to hold another one in summer. “Although our organization is named Young Farmers, most of our members, aged 10to 26 are not from farming families these days and not too many meetings throughout the year are farm related. Therefore it’s great that our members are doing something to promote our agricultural roots in this the Clubs 65th anniversary year.   Our members have really enjoyed doing their bit to educate young people about heart health and teach them that food does not just come from the supermarket.  We’d like to thank Heart Research UK and the Keighley Area Committee for supporting our work in this area.”

 Anyone wishing to enquire about future events or joining young farmers should contact Tom Ogden on 07966625363. 





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