Club Officers 

Young Farmers is a unique organisation in that it is run by the members for the members and knowhere is this more true than at Worth Valley. The club officers at Worth Valley are made up 11 positions all with different jobs to help run and promote the club although all the members muck in to help plan and organise and make the meetings succsesful.

 Each year new officers are voted in at the AGM along with the president and the vice president who hold there position for two years. Although Worth Valley is run by the members for the members there is a large support network made up of club leaders and the advisory commity. These groups are made up mainly of past  members who still love to get involved and support the club as much as they can.

Here are the current officers for 2017/18

President - Yvonne Wood  


Chairman - Eleanor Moore


Vice Chairman - Ella Bunton


Vice Chairman - Chris Penny


Secretary - Beth Cook


Treasurer - Alex Binns

Social Secretary - Joe Holmes 


Minuit's sectary- Freya Bunton 

P.R. Secretary - Joe Penny 


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